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Did everyone survive the explosion from the Chicago Fire finale? (TV Guide)

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Happy 33rd birthday, Taylor Kinney!

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morgamna asked: Do you think is there any chance to be Capp who dies? Because thinking objectively, they wouldn't kill an important or popular character (unless they're idiots) when a characters dies it's usually the least important ones, therefore, Capp, we rarely see him and basically know nothing about him.

I’m late to the game, I missed all of the messages earlier when the spoiler broke, but honestly I think it could be anyone.

- Danielle

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Anonymous asked: Lauren has been posting a lot of angels stuff, is she found of them or it could be foreshadowing??

I think it’s more likely that she’s just fond of them or feels like posting that kind of stuff, if it’s from one of her personal social media accounts.

- Danielle

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Anonymous asked: it's Taylor birthday today!


- Danielle

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I should be the only one it will be Cruz or Boden’s death. Cruz because he is the only one who doesn’t have an ongoing storyline from season 2. And it could be Boden because just to surprise us, also it seems he has confronted his past and fears, has just started a family and finally he was happy, it is like an end of an area to me. I don’t think it will be Shay or Dawson unless the actors wanted to leave and they have still some unfinished stories from season 2. This spoiler makes me sad badly
My theory on the impending season opener major death; It’s either Mouch or Herman. Both are older, ya know, and it would make sense to write one of them off because the younger guys are just in better shape. But…but I don’t want anyone to go…..
The writers would be IDIOTS to write out shay or dawson they’re like the most loved characters
They would defiantly lose viewers if they were to kill off dawson or shay
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I salute you, Taylor. Happy Birthday. You’re an outstanding caring exceptional human and one of the truest friends I’ve ever known. I’m lucky to know you. - Lauren German via Instagram.

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